Welcome to AG Power - Designers, manufacturer and distributors of the first generation of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) cells and packs, specifically designed for Radio Control Model applications.

Specifically Designed ?

Yes, AG Power cells have been designed from the ground up to cater for the needs of modern Radio Control Models systems and are not re-purposed power tool packs (unlike a lot of our competitors cells).
This gives them an advantage in being more fit for purpose and less lightly to fail due to not being used in the designed manor.

Why do they need to be different?

LiPo Power tools packs were originally designed for low duty cycle use (the amount of time the tool is on vs the amount of time the tool is off), while this is fine for power tools, this is not the case for most radio control model applications (execpt possibily Powered Gliders and Sail planes).

Our LiPo cells and packs are designed and rated for a '100% on' duty cycle, no compromise.

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